Transgender Teen Murders Parents But Gets Shockingly Light Punishment

Hey look... Social Justice!

A transgender teenager brutally stabbed his two parents to death and laughed about it while calling 911… but his light sentence is sure to raise eyebrows.

Andrew Balcer, 20–who has identified, on-and-off, as a girl named Andrea–will receive a comparatively short prison sentence of 40 years, 15 years less than the 55 year maximum imprisonment that family members called for.

Balcer was 17 when he brutally murdered his parents, Antonio and Alice, both 47, and the family dog, Winthrop, on the morning of October 31, 2016. His brother, Christopher, who was also in the house was allowed to escape.

Balcer then called 911 that he had stabbed his parents 30 minutes earlier. He claimed he had “snapped” and stabbed Alice in the back. When Antonio woke up to his wife’s screams, Balcer claimed he “stabbed the f*** out of him,” before laughing.

“Oh, I stabbed the dog too,” Balcer callously added. “He was barking.”

Balcer allegedly killed his parents because he was worried about coming out as transgender. But friends and family insist that Alice and Antonio Balcer would’ve been loving and supportive of their children no matter what.

At his sentencing, Balcer pleaded with his remaining family members for forgiveness.

“I do not speak today to beg for lenience or to try to save myself from due punishment. I’m here only to ask for one thing, the forgiveness of my family,” he said.

But Christopher Balcer attack wasn’t so forgiving. Calling his brother’s excuses “flimsy,” he urged the judge to deliver the maximum sentence of 55 years.

“In my view, all leniency does is put a remorseless murderer back on the street,” he said.