Transgender Sexually-Assaults Little Girl In Public Restroom

Shocked Girl
Why is our world such a messed-up and evil place?

Could this spark the next battle in the so-called “Bathroom Wars”?

Police in Edmonds, Washington, are on the hunt for a transgender person, who is accused of “inappropriately touching” a 5-year-old girl in a public bathroom at a city park.

The girl, who has not been identified by name, had been at the park with her father and siblings. She told police that she went into the bathroom–where she was confronted by a stranger in a bathroom stall.

The girl did not immediately tell her father what happened, but later told her mother at home that she was inappropriately touched by a “man wearing women’s clothing.”

The father told police that a possible suspect was another person at the park, who had “masculine features,” light skin, and long black hair wearing a purple butterfly shirt.

Edmonds police are still investigating the story, to substantiate the little girl’s report.

“In the interest of public safety and in an abundance of caution, the Edmonds Police Department would like to alert the general public about this incident and ask for the public’s assistance in locating and/or identifying the person of interest so that they may be interviewed,” Edmonds police said, via a press release. “If anyone has any knowledge of the incident or recalls seeing someone matching the description on that date, they are asked to contact the Edmonds Police Department tip line at 427 771-0212.”