Transgender Governor Candidate Attacks Christians

*Falsetto voice* "OH No, they found my Tweets - those evil Christians!!'

Christine Hallquist, the Democratic nominee for Governor of Vermont and the first transgender nominee for statewide office in the country, hates that we “tolerate” Christianity in the United States.

In a tweet made in June 2017, Hallquist retweeted an article about a girls’ soccer team being disqualified because they weren’t sure if an 8-year-old player was actually a girl.

Hallquist added the caption: “And we worry about sharia law! Radicalized Christians are a part of the American landscape, and we tolerate it.”

In a tweet from January 2018, Hallquist also shared an article from conservative-leaning satire site Babylon Bee. Apparently unaware that the story was meant to be a joke, Hallquist added the caption, “Some of these Christian evangelists are just downwrite crazy.”

In April 2017, Hallquist also tweeted, “I am guessing that this so-called Christian hypocrites would’ve not allowed Mary, the mother of Jesus, because she wore a Hijab.”

And earlier that month, Hallquist responded to someone’s comment about transgender bathrooms with, “So, you say you are a Christian? You say you are pro-life. I see you’re a hateful, bigoted hypocrite.”

Hallquist has been widely praised on the left for making history… but Hallquist’s record of anti-Christian intolerance will likely go unnoticed by the liberal left.