Top 5 Times Women Lied About Sexual Assault

So much for "credibly accused"... whatever that Orwellian phrase is even supposed to mean!

The Brett Kavanaugh hearings have brought sexual assault allegations to the forefront of political discussion. Many on social media are debating back on forth about Ford and Kavanaugh and who is telling the truth?

Many on the left are saying that America should blindly believe the Kavanaugh accusers, but history has shown us that trusting without evidence can ruin lives. Here are five time that women lied about sexual assault.

  1. Brian Banks Story

Brian Banks was a standout football player in high school and was committed to playing at University of Southern California when he was accused of raping Wanetta Gibson and imprisoned for five years.  Gibson also settled a lawsuit for $1.5 million when she sued Long Beach Unified School District for “lax security.”

After Banks was released on parole, he met with Gibson and recorded her on secret video saying that she made it all up and would help Banks clear his name, but she didn’t want to pay back the $1.5 million. The videos cleared Banks after he spent his athletic prime in prison thanks to a false rape claim.  As for Gibson, she has not been charged and she has kept the $1.5 million.

  1. Duke Lacrosse Case

In 2006, Crystal Gail Mangum accused three white Duke University lacrosse players of rape. Her lawyer went on to describe it as a possible hate crime since the woman was black.

The school cancelled the season; the coach was forced to resign and wrecked the lives of the three accused. It turns out, the stripper, escort and exotic dancer’s story was not true and the North Carolina Attorney General dropped all charges after a year long investigation and the devastation for multiple lives.

  1. A Rape On Campus

Rolling Stone magazine made national news when it published an article called “A Rape on Campus” in 2014. The story outlined how a woman named “Jackie” went to a party at the University Of Virginia’s Phi Kappa Psi fraternity and gang raped by several students performing a fraternal initiation rite.

The story turned out to be completely false and has been withdrawn in its entirety.  After bringing shame onto a very prestigious school and damaging the lives of the fraternity members mentioned in the story, Rolling stone had to settle with students and lost a suit filed by the university.

  1. Scottsboro Boys

In 1931 an incident happened on a train between a group of young white boys and young black boys in Alabama. The black boys were jumped and almost forced off of a train, but pushed back and held their ground. The white boys ran off and told the police they had been attacked and to make the matters worse, two women on the train also accused the black men of rape.

Death was the penalty for raping a white woman in Alabama at the time, and after many trials and, one of the women confessed to making up the entire rape story. Despite the admission, the jury still found the men guilty and one fake incident on at train in Alabama ruined the lives of nine young black Americans.

  1. Hofstra University Incident

Danmell Ndonye accused fellow students at Hofstra University of holding her down and forcibly gang raping her. She said that five students held her down in a dormitory bathroom and assaulted her.

After a few days of lying about the incident, the claims were proven false after a video surfaced from the event that shows the entire sexual encounter was consensual. Ndonye was kicked out of school and had to undergo mental health treatments.

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