Tom Brokaw Slams Media Over Assumption-Based Narrative

NBC Nightly News longtime host and veteran anchor, Tom Brokaw, slammed the mainstream media last week, during a discussion regarding President Donald Trump’s decision to fire James Comey as FBI director.

Many in Washington believe that Trump fired Comey to hide a potential connection to Russia. Critics are further arguing that Trump was finding it very difficult to handle the FBI’s ever-expanding probe into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential race. However, thus far, allegations and claims that Trump’s campaign colluded with Moscow have been unsubstantiated with solid evidence.

Yet, the Richard Nixon Presidential Library tried to make fun of Trump’s decision last week on Twitter.

NBC News anchor Andrea Mitchell, while talking about the issue, noted that the mainstream media and several others, mostly Democrats, are using “Nixonian” analogies to compare Trump’s action of firing Comey, to several criminal acts Nixon committed when he is in the Oval Office, most notable of which was the Watergate scandal.

However, Brokaw had his reasons to disagree with the comparison. He also advised Mitchell and members of the media to not assume facts that are simply not there in Trump’s case of Comey’s dismissal.

“One of the things that I learned during Watergate … is that we dealt with it every day on a factual basis. There was not a lot of speculation. Now, of course, the media landscape has changed a lot, and we have that going on 24/7,” Brokaw explained. “I do think, however, that all of us as reporters wherever we are … have to take a deep breath and say let’s deal with the facts as we know them at this point.”

Claiming that “Watergate was a criminal enterprise run out of the Oval Office,” Brokaw explained to Mitchell the differences between Trump’s actions and the Watergate scandal.

“There’s a big difference between that and what we’re dealing with now,” Brokaw said.

Brokaw furthered his argument:

“Having said that, there are a lot of elements here that desperately need more explanation, more investigation. I haven’t run into anybody yet who thinks that Jim Comey was doing a good job as the FBI director, beginning last summer.

And then as you’ll remember, Hillary Clinton and others in the Democratic Party all but blamed him for her loss. Now they’re defending him as the champion. So there’s a lot of confusion going on here.”

Speaking with his vast experience in the media, the 77-year-old journalist advised his peers to cover Comey’s dismissal with truth. He said, “Our obligation I think is to sort it out, truth from fact, and deal with the truth.”