Three-Year-Old Says ‘We’re Going To Kill Donald Trump”

Kill Donald Trump

Remember that wall that Donald wants to build and how he made illegal immigrants upset because he wants to deport the criminals?

Well obviously it has struck a chord with some people, and instead of having honest debate about the issues, the people he wants to deport are teaching their children to chant “Kill Trump”.

Watch this horrifying video as parents of a three-year-old child encourage their child to say “we’re going to kill Donald Trump.”

Mark Dice found the video, and the original has since been deleted. Mark is known for his questions on the street that often show liberals signing petitions to end the Bill of Rights and getting people to show their support for Bernie Sanders and his new running mate Bernie Madoff.

The video shows a very disturbing new trend of parents of minorities who are teaching their children to hate Donald Trump and his supporters. They are teaching their child to want to “kill” Donald instead of any other peaceful solution.

Remember this video?

How about this one?

Something is terribly wrong in this country and it can’t be blamed on Donald Trump. Sure he is responsible for what he has said, and there are reasons to disagree with him, but to call for his death is too far. Then teaching your children to “kill” Trump is just rising a generation that won’t value life and that is scary for our future.