This Politician Called Obama “Part-Kenyan” And A Hypocrite


The mayor of London welcomed President Obama to England today with a message that no American lawmaker has the heart to say.

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London and one who is considered to be a front-runner to be the next prime minister, called Obama “inconsistent”, “incoherent” and “downright hypocritical”.

Boris didn’t hold any punches. In fact he wrote in an op-ed for a best-selling paper in England to attack Obama even more.

“Obama views Muslims who are fighting against America in Iraq and Afghanistan as freedom fighters, somewhat akin to Indians or Kenyans fighting to push out their British colonial occupier.”

The mayor is mad that Obama decided to thrust himself into British politics by saying England should stay in the European Union. Obama published an article in The Telegraph newspaper to plead to the people to stay in the EU.

“I will say, with the candour of a friend, that the outcome of your decision is a matter of deep interest to the United States. The tens of thousands of Americans who rest in Europe’s cemeteries are a silent testament to just how intertwined our prosperity and security truly are,” Obama wrote.

President Obama was doing his best to convince the British people that because of the EU they were able to work together and finalize trade agreements, climate change agreements and even the deal with Iran.

“This kind of cooperation, from intelligence sharing and counterterrorism to forging agreements to create jobs and economic growth, will be far more effective if it extends across Europe. Now is a time for friends and allies to stick together. Together, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Union have turned centuries of war in Europe into decades of peace.”

Obama tried his best to convince the people of Brittan, but is it working?

President Obama has done a good job of ostracizing some of our allies and involving himself in conversations where we are not wanted.

The arrival in London stands in quite a contrast to the visit in 2007 when he was running for President and won the Nobel peace prize. No large crowds waiting at the airport. No adoring fans screaming his name. Just politicians angry with our president for not living up to his promises.