They’re Here! First Of Migrant Caravan Reaches Southern Border

It's an invasion, plain and simple!

The first group from the immigrant caravan has reached the border outside of San Diego and has already started climbing the fences.

According to San Diego Fox 5, the first wave of migrants were brought by busses and they are ahead of the main group that left Mexico City on foot just a few days ago.

Trump has sent troops to protect the border and is placing new restrictions on the migrants that are attempting to seek asylum.

Government agencies and military are working hard to tighten up border ahead of the migrant caravan. See a report below of the soldiers working to make the border harder to cross.

Despite the threats from Trump and the military working to harden the border, the migrants are still making their way to the border. The first wave climbed the border fence and sat on top while Border Patrol watched.

This is just the beginning. The wave of migrants that left Mexico City to head up north to the border should be arriving over the next two weeks. Estimates put the crowd over 14,000 people total with another caravan following behind the main one.

Trump and his administration has their hands full with the caravan of migrants, and how the president handles this situation this could become a major issue in the 2020.

Stay tuned for more info as the more migrants reach the border.

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