The Summer Of Hate And Riots Is Coming


The United States is reaching a boiling point and this summer has the potential to be one of the most unruly and dangerous summers in modern history.

There is a lot of anger and hate at this country and it is dividing us like never before.

You have the anti-Trump people who are already rioting, like in New Mexico last week. Hispanics and other minorities are lining up against Trump, but the problems lies much deeper than one politician.

The #BlackLivesMatter group is anti-police, and judging from the amount of anti-cop messages on Facebook, there is a real growing hate for police in our country.

There are LBGT activists who actually hate people who don’t think everyone should use the same bathroom.

Right now in America there is a growing anger and hate towards Christians, and it is stemming from their support of recent bathroom laws.

Then there are those that are Americans who are angry at all the hate and political correctness and they are at the end of their ropes.

With almost 100,000 out of the workforce and 50,000 on welfare, Bernie Sanders is telling everyone to blame the rich.

America is divided like never before and this summer it is going to come to a head.

When teenagers are out of school and young adults are home from college with little to do, they often hang out with their friends. But his summer will be the summer of protests. Protesting is hard in the winter, but it can be fun the summer. It can give bored kids something to do.

All it will take is another Michael Brown incident with a police officer or somebody being shot at a Trump rally to set it all off. The original catalyst may be a local incident, but the media will fuel the fire by using that incident as an example of a larger problem in our country and the riots will start.

All it will take is Donald Trump solidifying the nomination and Bernie Sanders being shut out at the Democratic Convention. The Bernie supporters will be angry and ready to protest anything.

Whatever sets it off, the anger and hate in this country is ready to boil over. With so much tension in the United States, it is very unlikely we will escape summer without news of constant protests and riots. At this point, it seems unavoidable, so get ready for the summer of protests and riots.