Tennessee Democrat Party Declares White Men “Terrorists”

White Man
What self-respecting man still votes Democrat these days? Only Soy Boys!

The spokesman for the Tennessee Democratic Party thinks that white men are “terrorists.”

Mark Brown, who serves as communications director for the state party’s “Tennessee Victory 2018” project, was caught making anti-white, anti-male taunts on Facebook back in 2015.

According to screenshots provided by the Washington Free Beacon, Brown had commented on a Facebook post that featured an image, reading, “The biggest terrorist organization on the planet is ____?”

Brown replied with his own suggestion: “white male ‘Murican gun nuts.”

His post received zero likes from other users.

In other posts, Brown had also referred to President Trump as “Putin’s b***ch,” a “f***ing moron,” and a “f***stik.”

He had also called the United States a “racist” nation, and referred to Christian evangelicals as showing “their true racist colors.”

Brown’s comments are alarming, considering his role in the Democratic Party: “Tennessee Victory 2018” is a major driver behind the campaign of former Democratic Gov. Phil Bredesen, who is running in a contentious Senate race.

Bredesen’s campaign has refused to comment, let alone chastize Brown for his views.