Supporters Doubt Alleged Assassination Attempt on Roger Stone

On Tuesday with dramatic affect, Alex Jones took to the airwaves with his guest, Roger Stone, to reveal a “one of the biggest announcements he has ever made.”

After plugging his new book, Roger Stone, a close advisor to Donald Trump for a number of years, explained that he had been the subject of an assassination attempt.

Stone claims he became violently ill in December and doctors conducted tests and concluded the political operative and author had been poisoned with Polonium-210.

The radioactive chemical element has been used in past assassinations, specifically by the KGB against political enemies.

In 2006, a former KGB officer who had fled Russia, Alexander Litvinenko, fell ill after meeting with two former KGB agents. He died three week later.

While hospitalized and undergoing tests in London, a scientist who had worked on the atomic program overheard a discussion about Litvinenko’s condition and recognized the a “gamma ray signal” as originating from Polonium-210.

Stone, provided no further evidence of the assignation attempt but goes on to self-promote, with the help of Alex Jones, through the entirety of the interview.

Judging by the comments on Inforwars and YouTube, even the fans of Alex Jones aren’t falling for it.

Patrick Warner wrote, “Honestly I’d like to see Stone’s medical proof of his diagnosis, I don’t take things at face value and being poisoned by this radiological poison is serious and hard to obtain and is a huge story. And though they talked a lot and plugged products they, never showed proof of even his hospital stay.”

Marcara echoed those sentiments, saying, “Can we get those official medical records?”

Victor K said, “Wow! And he has no proof of doctor records proving he was poisoned with P-210. Another BS story.

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