The Summer Of Political Violence

Noting the recent surge in violence against the Republican Party and President Donald Trump, Jeanine Pirro, in her monologue on Fox News’ “Justice,” slammed Democrats and liberals for being a “party of hate and destruction.”

“Democrats have so normalized hatred and violence against the President of the United States, that I fear it will result in some crazy lefty trying to assassinate him,” Pirro began, highlighting that it’s not just President Trump who is in danger, but conservatives and Republicans too.

She added, “They are no longer the ‘opposition party.’ They are the ‘reckless party,’ putting lives in danger.”

Pirro rightly claimed that the prevailing political climate has turned into “a danger zone of complete hatred and chaos.” She further highlighted that the way violent behavior and speech has become a normal part of our daily lives is very “shocking.”

Pirro then spoke about Shakespeare in the Park, which was recently re-made into a modern-day “Julius Ceaser,” based on Donald Trump. She even talked about Kathy Griffin and Johnny Depp and how the two entertainers have recently implied assassinating Trump.

“By the way, notice a theme here — they’re all has-beens,” Pirro said. “Of course they’re going to stand in the way of progress; they forgot what it’s like to be a success.”

“This isn’t about free speech,” Pirro said of those threatening the president, Republicans, and conservatives with violence. “But here’s the kicker: there are consequences. I don’t see Republicans flipping their lids trying to burn down buildings in ninja outfits when a Democrat, Progressive, or Socialist tries to speak.”

Claiming that there is indeed a very valid reason for the Democrats’ “downward spiral” and continued losses, Pirro furthered her talk, saying, “They’ve lost the last four congressional races since the election of President Trump. And while the president is focused on jobs, the economy, and our safety and security, the Democrats keep fighting over bathrooms and Russia collusion that seems more a problem, to me, of the Obama administration — who ignored it — because they were connected to Russia, and they figured Hillary was gonna win anyway.”

She continued, “While they continue to riot, and spew their venom, claiming it’s their First Amendment right, Americans see this party for what it is: a party of liberal rage, hatred, and intolerance. A party that, like their last candidate for president, has no message other than calling opponents names like ‘homophobic, xenophobic, racist, and deplorable.’”

“It didn’t work in 2016,” Pirro said. “It isn’t working now, and it never will work. I worry, though, and you should worry for our president and all elected officials.”

“The trickling down of hate is a danger to us all,” she concluded.