Students Assault Police Chief, Pen Racist Screed Defending Their Actions

Student Riots
It's behavior like this that'll get you shot in the real world, kiddo...

The police chief at Evergreen State College quit her job, after facing a severe and violent backlash from students over the presence of police both on, and near campus.

Stacy Brown, Police Chief at Evergreen State College had not even been on the job an entire year. And in a portent of what was to come, during her swearing-in ceremony last year, Brown was subjected to equally vitriolic attacks and disruption from the students of Evergreen State College.

Dave Pearsall, Thurston County Chief Deputy Dave Pearsall recalls the swearing-in ceremony, “Probably 20 or 30 students … decided that they were gonna get up in front and take over the entire event with noisemakers and drums and horns and a PA. And they actually went and took one of the microphones out of, I believe it was the vice president’s hand, just jerked it out of her hand. … They were cursing, saying all kinds of things. It just went on and on.

Chief Deputy Pearsall continued, “It was complete chaos. It got to the point where, after about 15 minutes … President [George] Bridges decided that the ceremony wasn’t going to happen. I personally watched some of these students go up to Chief Brown, right up to her face, and call her all kinds of names, cursing at her” and scream “death to pigs!” thorough Brown’s swearing-in ceremony.

Michael Zimmerman, former provost and vice president for academic affairs at Evergreen State, highlighted that disciplinary proceedings commenced against the two students who shoved the Police Chief.

“Because of the way the vice president was treated, disciplinary proceedings commenced against the two students who pushed”, Zimmerman stated in a piece published by the Huffington Post. “No other student faced disciplinary consequences for the disruption.”

In response to her ceremony being disturbed, Brown was in shock, and, “never would have imagined” that such a thing would ever happen in America.

“I mean we’re peaceful, right?” she said. “I didn’t see anything like this when I was here—heated discussions, sure, but they were always civil.”

In response to Police Chief Brown’s comments, the school paper published an article titled “F**K Civility!”

The paper stated:

“Brown says that she cannot talk to people who don’t want police at all, painting them as unreasonable, which seems par for the course with the school’s dismissal of the fact that policing is a racist and classist oppressive tool used to keep down and imprison the most vulnerable citizens.”

The article, which – frankly – is indicative of the liberal mainstream’s view of the police, continued, ”Police services and campus police may argue that campus police are here to help students and are less harmful that other policing institutions. However, even campus police are part of an apparatus that criminalizes and enslaves Black people and those who attempt to take action against white supremacy. This is seen in their cooperation with other law enforcement agencies, in addition to the active role that  Evergreen police have historically taken in repressing students who attempt to change the status quo and social order”

Ultimately, like so many liberals, the core motivator behind these student’s insane actions and opinions was a murderous hatred of white people. The student’s lunatic article concluded by declaring, “In their choice of Stacy Brown for campus police chief, Evergreen has given power to another white person that as no understanding of racial issues. Brown, and by extension the school, seems to think the white perspective is the only one worth considering, a perspective that this administration is already full of.”