State Of The Union Preview: Obama’s Waterworks Show

State of the Union

President Obama is set to take the podium for his seventh and final State of the Union address.

While a large group of Americans are set to praise the mere fact that this is Obama’s last address, political consultants around the nation are bracing for Obama’s final activist year.

Aides to the President have signaled that this speech will be different from previous State of the Union addresses in that Obama cannot believably outline a legislative agenda.

Instead aides say that Obama will motivate the nation with a “grand call to arms” designed to bypass Congress and garner more support for rogue executive actions.

Barack Obama introduced executive actions aimed to curb Second Amendment freedoms shortly after the New Year.

Even Michelle Obama is getting into the theatrics by leaving the seat next to her empty in honor of victims of gun violence.

Expect a tearful point and nod to the empty seat while Obama’s tear filled eyes speak about the children lost to gun violence.

In contrast, weak House Speaker Paul Ryan has invited Roman Catholic nuns from Little Sisters of the Poor to attend.

The nuns are facing $70 million in fines for refusing to participate in Obamacare provisions to provide contraception and abortion benefits to their employees.