State Department “Walk Out” Turned out to be “Get Out”

Patrick Henry hits the bricks from the State Department

The Washington Post led with the sensational headline yesterday, “The State Department’s Entire Senior Administrative Team just Resigned.”

The Post went on to explain the “walk out” of four long-serving government employees with a quote from former aid to John Kerry, David Wade, who said, “It’s the single biggest simultaneous departure of institutional memory that anyone can remember.”

It turns out the story was false.

Big surprise, huh?

The Trump administration was quick to correct and CNN verified through other sources that the four State Department bureaucrats were given their walking papers in an effort to “clean house.”

Traditionally, presidential appointees resign at the start of a new administration. It’s up to the incoming president to accept or deny the resignations.

Trump accepted the resignation of the four, which included Patrick Kennedy who defended Secretary Hillary Clinton for her inaction on Benghazi.

While it is uncommon for new presidents to accept resignations en masse, President Trump is already proving he is no common president.

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