Stacey Abrams secretly plots to silence white people

A new video shows Stacey Abrams–a failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate, and potential Biden VP pick–plotting to disenfranchise white people in the state of Georgia.

Journalist Patrick Howley of the National File published the shocking video on Twitter.

Abrams is seen in 2014 at the Power PAC National Conference, called “Race Will Win the Race: The Progressive Path to Victory.”

In the video, Abrams discusses how states should actively gerrymander congressional districts to make sure that white people lose their voice in politics.

“My eye is on 2021,” said Abrams, referencing the year when redistricting will take place following the 2020 Census. “Because when we do re-districting in 2021, if we have not changed the electorate, especially in the South, we will have a majority minority population that is governed by a minority white conservative coalition. And that’s the most dangerous precedent that we can possibly set for the South in the next 20 years.”

Gerrymandering has been controversial since the United States ratified the Constitution in 1789–and it was used repeatedly in the Civil Rights era to disenfranchise African-Americans, something that was banned by the Civil Rights Act in 1965.

A major figure in the Democratic Party calling to reinstate racist gerrymandering to benefit members of her own race would be a watershed moment both for identity politics and for the very basis of equality in this country.

Abrams has not yet responded publicly to the leaked video.