Sports Illustrated Writer Calls For Murder Of Conservative Students

Journalist Rage
"That darn DRUMPF, and his meddling kids!"

A prominent sportswriter called for conservative students to be murdered—simply because they don’t agree with liberal policies.

Charlie Kirk, the founder and executive director of the conservative student group Turning Point USA, tweeted about liberal bias on university campuses—and how that represents a threat to American values.

Kirk wrote,

“I get countless of messages from students who say professors are lowering their grades & penalizing them for being conservative

Leftists dominating higher education represent a grave threat to our country & culture

Conservative students shouldn’t be targeted for disagreeing.”

Unfortunately, writer Jesse Farrar, a sportswriter for Sports Illustrated, Vice Sports, and Deadspin, did just that: targeted conservatives students for disagreeing. But he took it to a shocking length.

Responding to Kirk’s tweet, Farrar wrote back, “they shouldnt do that. its not right. they should hold the conservative students head under water until they stop breathing, instead.”

Kirk tweeted back, stunned that Farrar “seems to call for the death of conservative students via water boarding suffocation.”

“Im sure he is joking, but imagine if conservatives made a joke like that against liberals?” he added.

Farrar responded with a chilling affirmation of his original tweet: “I am not joking.”

Kirk later spoke with the Independent Journal Review, who said, “I legitimately thought he was joking, but I guess he wasn’t. If a conservative said that about liberal students there would be an angry mob demanding we resign and leave our current positions.”