Soros To Use US As Extremist Training Ground For UK Activists

Antifa In UK
Trump has got to do something about this, ASAP!

The George Soros funded “Open Society Foundation” has recently announced a new grant program, with the US State Department, to learn about combatting “hate crimes” from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

After receiving a massive pledge of $18 billion dollars from Soros, last October, the Open Society Foundation – the notoriously progressive open borders organization – is seeking to spread its corrupting influence across the Atlantic, over to Britain.  By working with the State Department, Soros has arranged for the US Embassy in London to ship British activists over to the US, to be trained by the SPLC.

The program will award aspiring young activists a sum between $50,000 and $75,000 to bring them stateside, and learn about extremism, radicalism, and how to combat ideologies and ideas that George Soros wants to eradicate.

The SPLC has made a name for itself by unreservedly calling everything it sees “racist extremism.” Even moderate muslims, and anti-sharia women’s rights activists have been targeted by this cruel organization. Maajid Nawaz, one of the most prominent UK Muslim reformer who had founded the anti-radicalization organization is now filing a lawsuit against SPLC for trying to label him as an Islamophobe. Unsurprisingly, the SPLC lists hundreds Christian charity organizations as violent hate groups, while refusing to lable Antifa as the violent domestic terrorist force they are.

Soros is considered one of the most influential leftists in his organization being the country’s most influencing left inclined organization. Open Society has funded massively to the grass root activism, as Soros is a major financier for the Latin Group that had come out with the Advertisement about the Latest Virginia Gubernatorial election, which portrayed the Republican candidate Ed Gillespie to be an ally of the supremacists. Gillespie went on to lose the elections.

The Soros-run program, called “Youth Exchange on Social Cohesion” would be admitting up to 10 British teenagers between ages 15 to 18 years old to visit America and be trained in Soros-approved progressive radicalism, under the guise of “[promoting] hope and inclusion while standing up to hate and extremism.” The ultimate goal is to advance a homogenous globalism, in which, “alienation, social exclusion, marginalization and limited social mobility” are wielded to combat, “radicalization and violent extremism.”

In order to be the part of the program, the participants should have a “demonstrated an interest and aptitude for social and community activism with counterparts in the U.S.”