Sleep With A Loaded Gun… The Liberals Are Coming

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*When your neighbor has a Bernie sticker on their car*

Liberals were shocked when Hillary lost the 2016 election to Donald Trump and the left hasn’t recovered. Since then they have slid towards name-calling, wild allegations and growing acts of destruction and violence.

The anger and hate being fed on the left is growing to a point that we may never be able to come back from. We are approaching the point of no return, yet media fuels the fire and Democratic politicians will do anything to stop Trump… anything.

In the past couple of months we’ve seen escalating signs of violence and hate, but few are doing anything to stop it.

Just recently Ted Cruz (R-TX) and the White House Press Secretary were forced from restaurants because of their political affiliation.

A man attacked Rudy Peters, a GOP congressional candidate in California with a knife last month. The attacker shouted obscenities towards Trump and the Republican Party.

Kelley Paul, Senator Rand Paul’s (R-KY) wife spoke with a reporter and said that she has to sleep with a loaded gun because of all the threats coming from the left.

Rand was attacked earlier this year in his yard at home. One liberal yelling “high treason” ran his truck into a Fox TV Station in Dallas.

A Washington man with Trump bumper stickers returned to his truck after a night at a bar to find it burnt out and totally destroyed.

Anti-Trump protests have turned violent and destructive in many cities including DC. Watch as the radical-left damages property just miles from the White House.

The Kavanaugh hearings brought out the worst on the left, and the scene outside of the Supreme Court after the confirmation was appalling. Liberals resorted to banging and clawing on the doors of the Supreme Court. The video is sad to watch.

What is going on? If things continue, there may be no going back. When and ANTIFA protest turns violent and someone is killed or if the next knife attack kills a Senator, things will spiral out of control.

As a nation, we have to figure out a way to speak with people we disagree with and find compromise or we will only see more and more violence and destruction of property until that becomes the norm.

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