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The Thompson Paradox and the Killing of Baby Moon

Shannon Thompson Baby Moon

Imagine for a moment . . .

Imagine a wolf, a giant, hungry, alpha wolf.

Snarling, stalking, determined, in a lonely forest.

Now, you’re there.

You’re scared. You can feel that wolf’s presence, and you have nowhere to hide.

But you are not alone.

In your arms is your own child. An infant baby boy that relies on you for warmth, food, care, and basic survival. You are literally the keeper of your child’s life . . . and you’re being hunted.

Do you run?

Do you fight?

Or do you toss your infant son to the wolf to save your own life?

That scenario hit me hard recently, not because I experienced it, but because I was accused of being that wolf.

If you read my previous column, you’ll know that my son, Moon Thompson Cory, was killed at five months in a brutal, late-term abortion. I had no knowledge that my former partner, Shannon Thompson, was even considering abortion. She didn’t even have the decency to inform me of his death for eleven days . . . and only after I applied legal pressure to find out the status of my son.

In the column I wrote on December 19, 2021, I was sympathetic to Shannon. I felt her liberal family and friends had persuaded her to kill her own son, and while they are complicit in his death, I learned the truth the next day after writing that piece.

Shannon Thompson filed a protection order against me the morning after my article was published in an attempt to silence me. Shannon’s affidavit was filled with all of the false statements she had been telling her friends and family for months. Shannon had spent months fabricating a false narrative while defaming me so she would not appear to be a monster for choosing to have her own five-month-old son, who was growing inside of her, torn apart while he was still alive.

To maintain her innocence in a murderous act, Shannon made me out to be a “violent” and “controlling” monster.

One statement in the affidavit stood out, and at first, it came down on me like a ton of bricks.

She wrote, “my only choice to truly escape him was to terminate the pregnancy.”

Did she have to escape me?

Was she so fearful of me that she killed her own son to get away from me?

The truth is, Shannon began distancing herself shortly after we found out she was pregnant. We had a truly amazing relationship before that, with no conflict at all outside of political debates. But after learning of our child on the way, she began looking for any and every reason to despise me and tried her hardest to create conflict. It never worked until the morning she left.

That morning, she planned to visit her mother for several days. She had already been gone 17 days out of the previous month, and my two young children were constantly asking, “Is Shannon ever going to come home?”

But that morning, out of nowhere, she shouted, “I don’t want to raise three children, I want to raise THIS child,” as she placed her hand on our son growing inside of her.

I recommended she take more time with her mother and think about how we move forward. I didn’t hear her voice again until we were beside my son’s grave over a month later.

While we communicated over text after she left, it became clear Shannon had no desire to be part of our family. I accepted that, as I had no choice because I could not allow her to keep hurting my two young children with her constant disappearing acts.

I emailed our couples counselor, cc’ing Shannon, saying just that. Our relationship was over; we just had to resolve custody in a way that worked best for our son.

Later, over text, she brought down the hammer. Shannon texted me, saying she wanted me entirely out of her life and our son’s life.
She wrote, “leave . . . us . . . alone.”

Given her state and the apparent stress she was under, I acquiesced and requested that my name be on his birth certificate so he could find me one day. She didn’t even accept that.

I was beside myself in confusion. None of it made sense until I read that affidavit, and I realized that Shannon most likely planned to kill our son all along. She wanted me out of the picture so she could walk into a Richmond, Virginia hospital and have his body ripped out of her. I would never have known or had a chance to persuade her to allow our son to live.

And that’s precisely what happened. With the support of her family and friends, along with the health insurance funding of her employer, Capital One, Shannon Thompson, took the life of her own five-month-old son in a brutal Dilation and Evacuation Abortion.

It’s a grotesque procedure that’s banned in several states. Other states require anesthesia for the pain-capable child before being torn apart, limb-by-limb, and extracted from the mother’s womb.

Shannon chose to throw her own child into the mouth of the wolf.

To justify the killing of Moon, Shannon had to fabricate a story to garner sympathy and make her look “brave” and “strong” to her family as she was forced to “escape” me.

Shannon buried the dismembered body of our aborted son and held a memorial service, so she could watch her family cry. So she could directly see how much they loved and supported her.

Yes, that’s sick, but when have you heard of an aborted child being buried and given a funeral?

Shannon buried Moon to maintain that child-like demeanor with her family and friends that she has held onto so firmly over the years . . . which is a major red flag of psychopathy.

Now, killing our son was just the start of her plan, and it’s just one part of Shannon Thompson’s story . . . I’ll address that in future columns and my forthcoming book.

But back to the imaginative scenario above, what would you do?

If that wolf was real. If your child was in your arms as you were being hunted by a beast, what would you do?

As a proven father, I know what I would do without hesitation.

That wolf would choke to death on my beating heart before it got near my child.

And if you’re a parent, I’m sure you could come up with more imaginative ways to save your child. But the reality is, there is no way in hell that any decent mother or father would throw their own child to the wolves to save themselves.

After reading Shannon’s affidavit and thinking about it, I realized that reality and the sting of the accusation subsided. I knew the truth, but even if her twisted truth was what she actually believed, she lacks the one trait that makes us human . . . the ability to love.

Love is stronger than any fear. Agape, selfless love, is what a mother and a father have for their children. Agape gives us the immediate strength to jump into the jaws of the wolf to protect those we love.

And you don’t even have to be a parent to have that type of love for a child.

In 2017, a homeless man, Anival Angula, saw a three-year-old child inside a burning building. He ripped the deadbolted security gate off of the front door, ran inside, and saved the three-year-old and while he was in the home, saw the leg of a 10-month-old infant through the smoke. They’re all alive today.

You don’t even have to be human to have that type of love for your own child.

Scarlett, a stray cat in Brooklyn, New York, saved her own kittens, one-by-one, from a burning crack house. Her eyes were blistered shut, her coat was black and roasted, her ears and paws were severely burned, and her facial hair had been seared away.

After Scarlett saved her babies, unable to see, she touched each one with her nose, then collapsed.

Scarlett the stray cat had far more love for her kittens in a single scorched paw than Shannon ever had for our son. It explains why the only flowers or evidence of anyone visiting Moon’s grave each week is me. The stack of wilted flowers on his grave grows only by my hand, Moon’s brother and sister, and the friends who join me to pay their respects. The letters I leave behind at the cemetery are the only momentos of love that Moon has received since his mock funeral. His mother’s footprint is noticeably absent, and I doubt she’ll ever return to the site.

Love is the missing component that led to the killing of my son, and it will take love to open the eyes of men and women so that they see abortion from a different perspective.

As for Shannon Thompson, her protection order was denied as she was found not to be credible, and she has appealed. At this point, she’s capable of anything, and I doubt she has any hint of remorse for her horrendous actions that prevented Moon from taking his first breath.

Shannon’s father, Chris Thompson, also filed a separate protection order with false allegations saying that I’m a, “Former Marine & feared what he might do to me.” Chris Thompson doesn’t realize two things. First, there is no such thing as a “former” Marine. Second, those who know true violence go to great lengths to avoid it. Chris is the little guy that showed up at the cemetery, like a creepy stalker, as I was grieving my son for the first time, with an intent to agitate and threaten me. If I were a violent man, he would have seen it that day.

But again, this shows the character of this family and what I consider the “Thompson Paradox,” that’s a symptom of leftism.

The Thompsons and leftists are the same people that march with Black Lives Matter and grin as they shout “ACAB.” But they are the first ones to run to the law when they’re scared – even going so far as to file false statements because they are simply afraid of their names being publicized along with their horrendous actions.

They’ll claim to love a child, but for whatever selfish whim, they are willing to kill that child in a brutal fashion.

They pursue knowledge and chase every scrap of data on any given topic – but when you ask them whether a 5-month-old-child can feel pain as its limbs are being ripped from its torso, they play dumb . . . because they are dumb and choose the bliss of ignorance on the issue of abortion.

Abortion activists normalize abortion by joking about it, minimizing life, and they NEVER discuss the impact on the child – especially in cases of rare, late-term abortions like the one that killed Moon.

We’ll never get through to them because, as with any other issue, they deny facts, science, morality, and decency to fit their agenda.

That’s their choice, and in most circumstances, we should show tolerance toward their view – despite the Left having no tolerance for our views.

But in the case of an innocent life being taken . . . a baby being thrown into the jaws of a wolf with a medical degree, we cannot tolerate inhumanity.

It’s our obligation to fight when we can through the courts and the court of public opinion until we’re able to save the lives of the innocent.

And that’s exactly what I’m doing . . . and I won’t be stopping anytime soon.

For case updates and legislative progress, please follow @MoonsJustice on Instagram.

And if you’re able, you may also support my efforts to obtain justice for Baby Moon on GiveSendGo..