Is Sesame Street Turning Your Children Into Illegal Loving Snowflakes?

Indoctrinated Kids
"The number of the day is Five! Now go and tell your parents that the US should be admitting 5 million un-vetted Syrian refugees per month!"

CNN takes the issues concerning immigration laws to the lowest level, by involving an iconic childhood character in the discussion.

Apparently, CNN used “Sesame Street’s” Elmo as their means to convince those that are against immigration laws.

In Monday’s airing of CNN, Sesame Workshop’s Sherrie Westin, CNN reporter Clarissa Ward, David Miliband from the International Rescue Committee, and the world known character Elmo was involved in a discussion about Syria.

CNN reporter Ward asked Elmo, “Did you find that the Syrian little girls and little boys were a lot like your friends here in America?”

“Yeah, they really were,” Elmo responded in a low tone. “It was very interesting because they like to play and learn just like Elmo and all of his friends at Sesame Street.”

“Elmo thinks it’s important to know that everybody is the same deep down and that’s very important,” Elmo stated.

He added, “It was really sad because Elmo’s new friends told Elmo that they had to leave their homes because it wasn’t safe for them to stay, and that made Elmo really sad and sometimes a bit scared.”

Miliband chimed in, “It’s worth saying, perhaps especially today that this country, the US, receives very few refugees and there’s a lot of fear and loathing being put out,” he said.

The show focused on explaining all those watch that they need to take a “child’s perspective” under account and carefully consider “staggering number of children who are displaced,” Westin argued. “This was an area where we really had to try and do something to help,” Westin added.