Scheming Woman Makes False Rape Charge For Absurd Reason

Scheming Woman
This is why you should ALWAYS follow the 'Pence Rule' - whether you are married or not.

A woman in upstate New York allegedly filed a false police report claiming she had been blindfolded and raped by a man she met on a dating app.

Investigators say she made the false allegations because she was angered that her date did not offer to drive her home after their encounter.

According to deputies from the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office, 27 year old Jessica Gallagher called 911 to report that she had been picked up by an unknown man that she met via a dating app. She claimed she was then blindfolded, taken to an unknown house, and violently raped.

She even gave detectives a written statement about the supposed incident.

But after further investigation by police, Gallagher admitted that she had made the whole thing up because she was mad at the man for refusing to give her a ride home after their date.

Given that making a false police report is a serious crime, the cops then arrested Jessica Gallagher. She was charged with making a false written statement and with falsely reporting an incident to police. In lieu of bail or bond, she was sent to Wayne County Jail to await her appearance in court.

There’s a moral to this story for men who want to avoid being falsely accused in situations like these. And it’s the same advice often given to women who want to avoid being victimized.

Call a friend in advance of a date with anyone you don’t know well or just met on Tinder. Let someone know where you will be and when you will be there, who you will be with, and when you expect to be back.

Whenever possible, if you have the ability, send a record of your location to that friend. (Most cell-phones can send a GPS record of your current location.)

Before you get in the car with a date, when you get to the restaurant, and when you come back from a dinner that didn’t go well after refusing to give your date a ride home, make sure you send your friend verifiable proof of your location and your mental and physical state.

The world is not designed for people who are naturally trusting. People of both sexes need to approach dating situations with care and take the proper precautions.

And if everybody in the world thought like a lawyer all the time (for what it’s worth, lawyers are constantly asking themselves “how can I prove this in court”) false accusations like this would be even rarer than they already are.