San Francisco Creates World’s First “Transgender District”

Hey, if the promise not to ever leave their designated zone...

Leave it to San Francisco. They’ve created the world’s first “transgender district.”

San Francisco’s city council has recently voted to create the Compton’s Transgender Cultural District, the first in the world, located in the larger neighborhood of the Tenderloin.

The district is managed by transgender performer, Honey Mahogany, who sees the neighborhood as a way to stop “erasure” of the transgender community in San Francisco.

“Many of our traditions are passed down through queer bars because those are the places where our elders interact with younger generations,” said Mahogany. “Drag is often seen as a way of storytelling and passing on stories of previous generations.”

Mahogany and other “activists” have already used attempted to use the district designation to stop development in the fast-gentrifying neighborhood–going after a developer who wanted to build a 12-story building in the neighborhood.

The developer was eventually still allowed to proceed with the project… but not after Mahogany was able to shake them down for $300,000 to help establish a transgender “community center.”

In addition, the Compton’s Transgender Cultural District also received $215,000 from the City of San Francisco, as part of a giveaway to the city’s identity-driven “cultural districts,” which also include a Latino District and an “LGBTQ Leather” district.