“Sad Sack” Jeb Bush Predicts: Hillary Will Win!

Jeb Bush

Struggling presidential hopeful Jeb Bush launched his latest campaign ad this week that predicts what would happen in the event real estate mogul Donald Trump wins the GOP nomination.

The former Florida governor used a fear factor to jolt voters to support his campaign over Trump.

The video starts with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer repeating, “we can project Hillary Clinton will win!”

The audio footage was taken from Hillary’s last senate victory.

Currently, Jeb Bush is polling at a mere 4.8% compared to Trump’s 34.8%

While Bush’s ad paints a frightening scenario for many voters, the ad was a bold one in that if Bush cannot beat Trump, why would he think he could beat Hillary in the general election?

Trump echoed the sentiment in a tweet calling out “Sad Sack” Bush.

Trump went on to point out that Jeb has “wasted $80 million on his failed presidential campaign” while he has only spent a few million.

While Trump has not solicited funds from donors, Americans have donated over $6.5 million to support his campaign.

Here’s the video: