Russian Ambassador Dies Suddenly In New York. Conspiracy?

Ambassador dies

Suspicions are mounting in the death of a Russian Ambassadors death in New York City late Monday.

Vitaly Churkin fell ill in his New York City office and rushed to Columbia University Medical Center where doctors pronounced him dead. The cause of Churkin’s death has not been announced.

Churkin, 64, has been a member of Russia’s United Nations envoy since 2006 and was very highly respected among his countrymen and the United Nations.

The UN held a moment of silence for Churkin on Tuesday, the same day that he would have turned 65.

Churkin’s death comes at a complicated time for Russian and American relationships.

The U.S. media has implicated the Russians in everything from hacking the DNC to rigging the elections to help Trump win, so the death comes at a time when tensions and conspiracy theories are on the rise regarding Russia.

Just an hour after Churkin’s death was announced, conspiracy theories started popping up all over the place. Some suggested Putin killed Churkin.

Then there are the conspiracy theories that say Trump was involved in death the Russian ambassador and they point to a meeting the two had over 30 years ago.

Vitaly Churkin will be missed by his colleagues at the UN and by the citizens of the country he loved very much.

It is too early to tell if any of the suspicions are true regarding the conspiracy theories, but most rationale people would suggest waiting until most of the facts come out before jumping to conclusions.

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