RINO Sen Bob Corker To Be Replaced

Sen Bob Corker
"But I don't understand why they hate me, mom... " - bob Corker

As the Senator Bob Corker, a very vocal Trump critic prepares to leave next year, Representative Marsha Blackburn gets ready to replace him and is hoping that the President would be supporting her in the campaign.

“President Trump is very popular in Tennessee, and people are so encouraged by the work that he has done,” Blackburn said. “It would probably be very helpful if he were to come.”

Blackburn is a strong and loyal supporter of the President and she had announced her run for the senate in October. She would be campaigning in 2018, to replace Corker as he retires.

Announcing her run for the Senate, Blackburn had stated that building up a border wall against Mexico is one of her agendas and she would fight to get the wall built. She went on to call the Senate ‘totally dysfunctional’ and she considered herself as a “card-carrying Tennessee conservative.”

She is among the fore most runners for the GOP nomination, as the Governor Bill Haslam decided to not run for the senate race.

Immensely supported by the Breitbart News chief and the previous President Trump strategist Stephen Bannon, Blackburn is most likely to face off with the former Governor Phil Bredesen from the Democratic side.

According to a poll took back in October, from the Senate Democrat’s campaign arm and released earlier this month, shown Bredesen leading Blackburn by 5 points. Although the report was opposed by a similar poll, which showed Blackburn leading by a huge margin of 9 points, released by the Pro-Trump super PAC.

The Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee – Corker has been criticizing President Trump and the policies he puts in place over the time. Corker also went on to say that he would not be supporting Trump for a reelection.

“I think he’s proven himself unable to rise to the occasion,” Corker said in an interview. “I don’t know why he lowers himself to such a low, low standard and debases our country in the way that he does, but he does. I think the debasing of our nation … will be what he’ll be remembered most for.”

Some of the Republicans are of a different view than Blackburn, and they are worried if they would need backing from the President as his latest approval points are at an all-time low. The Republicans wonder if the Backing of the president would help their campaign or damage their chances of performing well in the elections in 2018.

President Trump backed the Senator Luther Strange in the runoff as he faced off Roy Moore for the nomination in Alabama Senate’s special edition. Luther Strange went off to lose to Moore.

But as Moore was the target for the Sexual misconduct from multiple accusers, he lost the elections to the Democratic Doug Jones.