Rep. Hints At Possible Trouble For Trump At 2020 Nomination

Will Hurd
The rank and file are being pressured by the cowards in Leadership.

Republican Rep.  Will Hurd (TX-23) became concurringly evasive when asked by MSNBC whether he plans to support President Donald Trump’s bid for the 2020 election run. His comments have supercharged speculation that the next Republican National Convention could see a massive mutiny of Republicans from their President.

In 2016, several Republicans refused to attend the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Republican’s whose states overwhelmingly voted for Trump in the Republican primaries, including South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, and Ohio Governor John Kasich, yet all these individuals refused to attend the convention. However, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio sent a video message to be aired to supporters attending the convention.

While Trump won the GOP nomination only after facing brutal opposition by many within the party, the next nominating convention may not be that easy to win over because of the way things are going. If you are of the belief that moderate Republican opposition is a thing of the past, you may need to think again after this latest update.

On Thursday, one Republican congressman stoked speculation over why republicans are feeling so uneasy over vocally supporting the President.

“Do you support his renomination in 2020? He’s clearly running. He’s been on the campaign trail this week,” Hallie Jackson from MSNBC asked Hurd.

Hurd answered evasively, simply observing that, “2020 is a really long ways away.”

Jackson then asked Hurd if the question instead should be one that “gets a simple ‘yes’ from a Republican member of Congress?”

“Maybe it should; maybe it shouldn’t. But it’s hard for me to ever think past the next election, and the next election I’m worried about is my re-election in 2018,” Hurd replied.

The MSNBC host also inquired if Hurd considered Trump to be an effective leader of the Republican Party. However, Hurd didn’t look like he was in any mood to respond with an exact ringing endorsement.

“Well, he’s the titular head of the Republican Party,” Hurd said.

The congressman also condemned Trump’s never ending “divisive rhetoric,” which, according to him is “not what we should be promoting as an entity, as a body.”

Hurd also acknowledged that the Republican Party is so “much broader than any one individual,” including a sitting president.

“It’s true he has the biggest and loudest microphone. He has the bully pulpit,” Hurd said. “But my job is to represent the people in my district and I try to do that in a way that focuses on what unites us and not what divides us.”