Regardless Of What You See On The News, Trump Is On Fire

Despite what the corporate media is saying about the mood in the country and Donald Trump’s failures, he is succeeding with likely voters according to a new Rasmussen poll.

The poll released Thursday says that 55% of likely U.S. voters approve of the Trump’s job performance. See the Rasmussen poll and daily tracking of the president’s approval rating here.

If you only listened to MSNBC you would think the White House is in chaos and the world is ending soon.

The corporate media is selling fear, but the people are not buying it.

Celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon to tell their fans that Trump is “Hitler”. Tyrese from the Fast and Furious movies put out a video where he described Trump as Hitler. See the video and Mark Dice’s reaction below.

On Thursday afternoon, during a press conference where Trump announced his Secretary of Labor pick, he commented on the press and how they are just “not getting it.”

Trump made sure to highlight some of his success by talking about the stock market being at all time highs, and he said there is a “surge in optimism” among business owners. President Trump went on to mention the new Rasmussen poll with his 55% approval rating and said, “The media doesn’t get it, they actually get it but they don’t write it.”

Trump makes a good point. It is hard to deny the corporate media is after Trump with videos like this one from CNN that claims that Trump is “mentally ill”.

They never did anything like this to attack Obama.

The Rasmussen poll is a good sign for president Trump, but he has a long way to go to prove his many detractors wrong. After all it has only been a month and he doesn’t seem to have as many detractors as the corporate media wants you to believe.

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