Racists For Donald Trump

Racists for Donald Trump

Frontrunner Donald Trump had a rough time last week with Rubio, Cruz and Romney boosted by Fox News and liberal media when his earpiece cut out in the middle of a question about the KKK and David Duke.

You know the storyline. When asked if he would “disavow” David Duke, Trump stumbled in his response in that he could not hear what groups the host was speaking of.

Despite disavowing racists about eleventy thousand times, the anti-Trump right pounced on the opportunity to pile on America’s favorite candidate and link the Trump brand with white supremacy.

This is politics, and nothing is a coincidence.

Rumors within the beltway are tying the entire racist narrative back to the same anti-Trump backers who are supporting attack pup, Marco Rubio.

To add humor to the discussion, Saturday Night Live put together their own Trump political commercial for their late night viewers.

Watch below: