Profs Claim Christmas Is A Celebration Of “White Supremacy”

Christmas Nativity Scene
Christmas is bigger than this Social Justice garbage.. leave Christmas alone!

In a recent Newsweek magazine, President Trump was criticized for spearheading the return of “Merry Christmas” to the popular lexicon – after Obama’s pathetic insistence on “happy holidays.” They claimed that saying “Merry Christmas” is a racist phrase.

Newsweek’s argument was that saying, “Merry Christmas” was exclusionary – and was symbolic of a Nazi-style mentality within the White House. The article slammed the rhetoric of a cultural “war on Christmas,” while ignoring the continued erosion and destruction of the explicitly Christian heritage that our nation exemplifies. They say that Christmas is a “White” holiday, and that by excluding other traditions – even the foreign, strange, unwanted, and violent traditions – that are gushing in from our undefended borders, it’s “racist.”

In the article, Professor Richard King, of Washington State University said, “I see such invocations of Christmas as a kind of cypher, what some would call a dog whistle. It does not appear to be intolerant or extreme, but to attentive audiences it speaks volumes about identity and belonging — who and what are fully American. Much like ‘Make America Great Again,’ panics over the protests by NFL players, and the defense of Confederate memory, Christmas is a way to talk about peril, to assert a soft or hard version of white nationalism.”

From University of Oregon, the sociology professor, Dr. Randy Blazak said, “Committed white nationalists love Trump’s bring back Christmas campaign almost as much as evangelicals. His followers see this as gospel and a rebuking of multiculturalism and political correctness, and the growing influence of Jews, Muslims, atheists and other non-WASPs.”

The comments in the articles, however, get worse, as it quotes Joe Perry, the professor from Georgia State University – who compares the Trump’s Christmas to the Nazi’s 1930 attempt in Germany to “re-write history” and the holidays that are accepted on the basis of what he liked or considered ‘worthy’.

“The far right’s engagement in the ‘war on Christmas’ explicitly posits that there is one single true or correct Christmas. The holiday’s true nature is somehow under threat from outsiders and liberals who act as forces of degradation, multiculturalism and secularization,” Perry said, adding, “Trump and the Nazis share aspects of race-baiting and perhaps broader aspects of extreme conservatism—many political ideologies do. Frankly, I’m not sure how far Trump himself is willing to go to use the holiday to promote anti-Muslim or anti-minority visions of America, or if he even really understands what he is doing with his “Merry Christmas” tirades.”

The magazine explained that Perry is not explicitly calling Trump a Nazi – although it sure sounds like it – but simply explaining that there are some similarities between Hitler’s vision for Germany and Trump’s vision for America.

Reader, one thing I’m concerned about is this – as long as establishment types throw up their hands, and give up everything whenever the Left invokes the magic words “racist,” “nationalist” or “supremacist,” the deep traditions of our nation are already lost. We must be able to both ignore, and disdain these slanders – even if they are slung at us from across the table by family members. If we don’t learn this fast, I fear even the public celebration of Christmas will slide into oblivion before our eyes.