Privileged Millennial Charges Trump Campaign With Assault

Michelle Fields

For anyone covering the flap between Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and now former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields, it may be clear that the employer of the attention seeking journalist was put in a bind on whether to believe and support her or not.

Fields claims that she was assaulted by Trump’s manager in a press “scrum” following a press conference in Juniper, Florida.

The citizen journalist had an audio recording of the event in which she claims that Lewandowski forcefully grabbed her arm, “almost” knocking her down.

The young reporter who lacks any real journalism experience tweeted a photo of her bruised arm following the incident.

While countless cameras were rolling during the incident, none unequivocally shows an assault by Lewandowski.

But that didn’t stop Fields from filing a police report.

The executives at likely breathed a sigh of relief last night when Michelle Fields tendered her resignation of the publication’s lack of support for the bruises on her arm.

The Trump campaign was not silent on the issue and pointed out that this isn’t the first time that Fields has made assault claims.

In 2011, Michelle Fields claimed that she was assaulted by NYPD during an Occupy Wall Street protest.

Lewandowski also pointed out that Fields claimed that she was sexually harassed by Allen West.

Fields’ boyfriend, Jamie Weinstein, editor of the Daily Caller, has come to her defense, his protection does more harm than good. Weinstein posted a photo of her supposed “assault” by NYPD which appears to be a cop stopping the whining girl from falling down.

Fields and her boy, Weinstein, are said to think of themselves as a “power couple” in D.C. circles, which is a clear delusion for those familiar with the scene.

However, they are a spectacle that has their employers and friends cringing at their softness and petty accusations.

This is politics and getting “bloodied” is a ritual in the business . . . unless you’re a soft millennial child who plays politics because it cools and pays a little money. Then you claim “assault” and unfair treatment.

Fields and Weinstein should looks for an “offense free” zone on a liberal college campus and stay there until they grow skin thick enough to come out into the real world.