Are Politics Going To Ruin The Super Bowl?

This Sunday the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots take to the biggest stage in American sports, the Super Bowl. This year, more than any year in recent memory, politics are front and center.

First you have Tom Brady who is still upset about his suspension for “deflating” balls in his last Super Bowl run. Tom desperately wants to win, but millions of liberals are rooting against him, just because he supported Trump.

During the Super Bowl week the reporters did their best to distract Tom Brady with dozens of questions during press events this week.

As if enough politics were not being interjected into this game, the Houston hometown former president and his wife will flip the coin to start things off. Barbara and George H.W. Bush will do the coin flip.

Thankfully, former president Bush is out of the hospital after a recent battle with pneumonia.

Not only will the start of the game feature a former president, the halftime show might be a message to our current president. When asked if Lady Gaga will get political during her performance, she just responded, “I believe in inclusion.” That is probably a yes.

Beyonce got a lot of heat last year for performing her “Formation” song that some say was anti-police.

This year, there are Black Hawk helicopters, hundred of law enforcement and a 30-mile restriction of air-space protecting the Super Bowl.

Let’s not forget about the commercials. We should let Mark Dice explain.

These players have worked their lives for this moment and reporters, musicians and planners of the event are forgetting the purpose. Drop the politics and let us argue about something else for a weekend. Like who is going to win, Atlanta or New England?

Let us know you think will win in the comments below.