Pack Of Illegals Terrorize Road In High-Speed Police Chase

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At least five undocumented immigrants died after fleeing in a high speed chase from Border Patrol agents on Sunday afternoon.

The Sheriff of Dimmit County, Texas, Marion Boyd, said the crash happened off of Highway 85 in Big Wells, Texas, at about noon.

Boyd said border agents were chasing an SUV filled to the brim with people. The speeding SUV lost control, and it flipped. The SUV was moving faster than 100 miles per hour when it crashed.

There were fourteen people inside the SUV, including the driver. Twelve immigrants were thrown from the car as it flipped, as most were not wearing seat belts while they fled at high speed from the Border Patrol.

Four of the crash victims died at the scene after the car rolled over, according to Sheriff Boyd. A fifth immigrant died of injuries later on, at the hospital. In total, nine of the fourteen people in the SUV were transported to the hospital. Five went to San Antonio Military Medical Center; the rest were sent to local hospitals.

The driver of the SUV is believed to be a United States citizen. He was among those taken to the hospital.

Sheriff Boyd said that deputies began their pursuit of the vehicle because of “good police work”. Which is another way of saying “they saw an SUV packed with fourteen people and thought that was suspicious”.

The Border Patrol agency gave further details in a statement of their own.

A border patrol agent apparently observed three vehicles traveling one behind the other on FM 2664. The agent, on seeing that, figured there might be a smuggling attempt in progress. So the agent was able to pull over one of the three vehicles, and he called in a description of the other two.

A second border patrol agent successfully brought the second vehicle to a stop, but the third refused to comply with orders, and fled at high speed.

The Border Patrol agency said that multiple arrests were made in both vehicles. The passenger of the third SUV was also a US citizen, and is currently in official custody.

After the dust had settled, Sheriff Boyd gave President Trump’s wall plan an endorsement in his official statement. Boyd said that Texas needs to have a border wall built, because events like this are a “real problem” in the area.

The US Border Patrol is investigating the incident, along with the Texas Department of Public Safety, the Dimmit County Sheriff’s Office, Homeland Security Investigations, and the Customs and Border Protection’s Office of Professional Responsibility, Border Patrol said in a statement.

We’ll have to see whether or not this accident is going to be blamed on the Border Patrol. But don’t hold your breath, folks. Somehow the leftist media are going to find a way to make an SUV full of twelve illegal immigrants and two coyotes, none of whom were apparently wearing seat-belts, into an ark full of perfect innocent angels cut down by the wicked, evil border patrol. Just wait, it’ll happen.