Oregon: only white people must wear masks

face masks

A new directive to require masks from Lincoln County, Oregon, is raising some eyebrows… because it only requires white people to comply.

In an order posted to their website, the country writes: “All individuals in Lincoln County are required to wear face coverings during any indoor public setting or outdoor public location where a person will be in within six feet of another individual, who does not share the same household.”

That’s in line with the Oregon state order, as well as orders acros the country.

But Lincoln County goes a step further, with a list of exemptions.

Some of these exemptions are straightforward: people with certain medical conditions, young children, and disabled people.

But also exempted? Non-white people.

The law specifically exempts “people of color who have heightened concerns about racial profiling and harassment due to wearing face coverings in public.”

In layman’s terms? If a non-white person doesn’t want to wear a mask, they don’t have to–so long as they’re woke enough to claim it makes them feel “unsafe.”

The rural county, on the central coast of Oregon, reported its first death from coronavirus on June 22.