Obamacare Model: Doctor Punches and Kills Patient


Shortly after Christmas, an overworked doctor in Belgorod, Russia punched a patient and killed him.

The patient, who had kicked a nurse upon admission, was faced with a large and upset Russian doctor who pulled the man out of his bed, and killed him with one fatal blow to the head.

The shirtless and tattooed patient died of traumatic brain injury on the scene.

The disturbing event was caught on the video below:

Russia passed mandatory medical insurance – much like Obamacare – in 1996.

The result has been disastrous with a ratio of 12 doctors to every 10,000 patients in rural areas.

While Russians are required to carry insurance, only 5% actually have a healthcare plan and the rest of the population is subsidized by the government.

As a result of the policy change, Russia is ranked 130th out of 191 nations on the health systems index maintained by the World Health Organization.

The United States is ranked 37th.