Obama Pushes Gender Identity, Virginia School Pushes Back

The Obama Administration recently directed schools nationwide to allow students to use the bathrooms that corresponds to their gender identity, not necessarily what’s on their birth certificate.

The punishment for not following along with the ultra liberal agenda will be met with the lack of federal funding.

Despite the possibility of losing federal funds, a little county in Virginia decided to make a stand.

The Grayson County School Board decided to buck the system and go with a more logical option to use the bathroom that is designated on your birth certificate.

The move could land the county school system in some hot water and could result in a loss of federal funding, but the county thinks that their new ordinance is the right move for the kids that live in Grayson County.

The Grayson County School Board made a decision that many school boards are going to have to make over the next few months before school starts back up after the summer.

The push by the Obama Administration is an unprecedented threat to state and local education administrators and politicians that could force them to make a change that could have negative effects in some local schools.

The heart is in the right place, but who is being discriminated against here?

We saw the bathroom uproar in North Carolina and now the state and the government is suing each other, and this is just the rumble in a massive shake that is coming to America as we continue to push further and further to the left.

People are getting really angry and it is helping candidates like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Any other time neither one of these candidates would have had a shot, but right now justified anger is taking hold and anything is possible.

Look at Grayson County Virginia. They would never risk losing federal funding if they weren’t truly angry at the government for putting such a threat in place.

Do you think that the Grayson County School Board did the right thing? Let us know in the comments.