Obama Gets Violent And Cuts A Rug


After causing a stir in Cuba, Obama stopped in Argentina and is having to defend some of his moves. His dance moves.

Obama proved he is not one to Tango with in a video that is going viral.

Obama isn’t the only politician who has been known to Tango. Some of you may remember Arnold Swarzenegger dancing with two different women to the Tango in True Lies.

Obama looked a little stiff, but gave it a good attempt. He might need some lessons though. I know a blind man who can teach him. Here is a video of a free lesson my blind friend gave a young woman.

There are a lot of people giving Obama a hard time about dancing the Tango in Argentina with a beautiful woman, but to be honest, it’s not a big deal. Sure he isn’t the first and he can’t dance better than a blind man, but he did ok.

Really it’s Michelle’s reaction that we are worried about.