Obama begs National Archives: “Don’t release Biden docs”

biden docs
Photo Credit: Marco Verch

Does Barack Obama know something we don’t about his former Vice President?

After Joe Biden was accused of sexual assault by former staffer Tara Reade, Biden urged the National Archives to release personnel files that he claimed would show Reade never made her claim.

Since the National Archives has said it doesn’t house any personnel records, many have claimed that Biden was simply doing a bait-and-switch: calling for the agency to release records they never had.

But Biden’s call for “transparency” has apparently alarmed his former boss–who seems to think that, if journalists start poking around Biden’s National Archives records, they could find something even more unsavory.

Last week, Barack Obama quietly initiated a non-disclosure request, urging the National Archives to block the release of Biden’s records.

But curiously, these records have nothing to do with Tara Reade: Obama specifically requested that the National Archives block all items related to Joe Biden and his dealings with Ukraine during his time as Vice President.

Biden, of course, attracted huge controversy earlier this year when it came to public attention that he had boasted on camera about getting a Ukrainian prosecutor fired. That prosecutor, at the time, was conducting an investigation into Biden’s son Hunter, who had retained a lucrative, do-nothing job with Ukrainian oil giant Burisma.

Most notably, President Donald Trump was impeached–and later acquitted–for asking Ukraine to investigate Hunter Biden’s dealings after he saw Biden’s taped apparent-“confession.”

In Obama’s letter to the National Archives, the former President claimed that any investigation by Senate Republicans would only “give credence to a Russian disinformation campaign.”