Nothing Says “Stop Trump” Like Topless Women

topless women

For some reason, women are protesting Trump by taking their shirts off and yelling, “F*ck Trump”.

Nobody knows why the group, #FreeTheNipple, hates Trump. It’s not like has made any policy against the nipple.

See the outrageous behavior for yourself. CAUTION – Strong language and near nudity.

At least this time the protestors weren’t violent. This could be a good trend. The whole world would like to see more protestors with their shirts off than scenes like the one below.

With all the protests and the hate towards Trump from the Sanders and Clinton supporters, you have to hand it to Bernie and give credit where credit is due.

Bill Clinton is thought to be the biggest playboy in Washington, but Bernie has women taking their shirts off to show their support without even being there. That is impressive. So hats off to you Bernie, or should we say, shirts off.