National Institutes Of Health Co-Opted Into Transgender Agenda

Research Grants
"Yep, it’s AIDS… big surprise there..."

The National Institute of Health (NIH) have come out with yet another set of absurd grants, all in support of the transgender agenda – and are set to give away nearly $200,000 per grant, for researchers to validate this bogus gender “science.” And, the Republican controlled congress just approved a massive $2 billion increase in NIH’s budget for next year.

Last Friday, NIH announced two grants have been created to advance the study of transgenders in society. The announcement noted that, “This funding opportunity announcement  calls for exploratory or developmental research on the health of transgender and gender nonconforming people … Transgender and gender nonconforming people encompass individuals whose gender identity differs from the sex on their original birth certificate, including individuals who are making or who have made a transition from being identified as one gender to the other, as well as individuals who are questioning their gender identity, who identify with more than one gender, or whose gender expression varies significantly from what is traditionally associated with or typical for that sex.”

The grants awarded by the agency will cost up to a huge $200,000 per year, and the NIH is expected to start accepting applications for this grant money next month. The focus of these studies will be to investigate, “the impact of stigma,” and “minority stress,” associated with this particular variety of bizarre sexual deviancy.  The grant will also document the, “diversity in gender identity and expression.”

The studies are designed to advance the science behind transgenderism, and encourage youth to take hormones if they feel like the wrong gender. One of the explicit goals of this NIH grant project is to find more effective ways transgenders can turn boys into girls – for example, “how estrogen hormone treatments affect the male reproductive tissues,” and how to create more effective puberty blockers for adolescents.

Make no mistake, these NIH studies will effect federal policy towards gender. In the past, NIH studies into imprisoned transsexuals, led to the government paying for “gender affirmation” treatment that now costs the taxpayers $675,715.

The agency has previously also awarded $43,576 to a researcher who believes having a “vagina does not equal woman” to study the health status of all the transgender individuals.

The Republican-controlled Congress insisted on increasing this agency’s budget, over and against the Trump Administration’s wishes to slash this agency’s funding. Thanks to Republican leadership, the NIH’s 2018 budget will be $36.1 billion.