Muslim Politician Tells White People to Leave the Country

White People Leaving

A prominent Muslim politician is telling white people in the Netherlands to leave their homeland if they don’t agree with the leftist campaign of “diversity.”

The shocking remarks were made by Tunahan Kuzu, leader of the pro-Muslim Denk Party in the Netherlands.

“If they don’t like a changing Netherlands in which people with different cultures live… they should get lost,” Kuzu said of white Dutch people.

Kuzu’s remarks sparked a firestorm of criticism in the notoriously-tolerant Netherlands.

Kuzu’s party, Denk–which comes from the Dutch word for “think”–has vowed to build a “tolerant society.”

While that might sound good on paper, Denk’s policies are draconian. One proposal includes creating a “racism registry,” which would essentially work like a sex offender registry for people that don’t agree with the party’s pro-Islam agenda.

Denk also plans to rewrite parts of the Dutch language, forbidding the term “immigrant” and replacing the word “integration” with “acceptance”–essentially, asserting that new immigrants to the Netherlands should be accepted with open arms without having to adhere to the cultural norms of Dutch society.

The left-wing party has grown quickly–founded just in 2015, it has already won 3 out of 150 seats, generally by mobilizing the Netherlands’ Muslim minority.