Murderer Take To Talk Show To Defend Herself

Why are criminals always so entitled?

Karisa Daniels says that she was “extremely high” when a Virginia State trooper tried pulling her over for speeding last month. Karisa is an admitted convicted felon, after a vehicle chase, she told the news station that she shot the trooper “one time and one time only.”

Speaking to the news reporter for a television network, the 23 year old mother of two said that all the accusations against her are ‘ridiculous.’

She, in her interview with the news channel said, “They got me with this ridiculous charge … attempted capital murder, and I shot him in the freakin’ arm, you know? Like, I wasn’t trying to kill him.”

The senior trooper C.A. Putnam tried pulling over Daniels for driving at 87mph on the Chippemham Parkway on the night of September 19th as per the authorities.

She also told the station that she is a convicted felon and was illegally carrying a gun too, driving with a suspended license and did not want to go to jail.

Daniels told the station that she stopped but “as soon as he got out of the car I took off. And … then next thing I know he’s right behind me again.”

She accepted that she was ‘under the influence’ and ‘extremely high’ at the time. The pursuit ended miles later in Henrico cul-de-sac which as per the station was a dead end, adding that the trooper had rammed Daniels car.

She told the station, “The next thing I know, I heard, ‘Put your hands up! Put your hands up where I can see ’em!’ and then I heard ‘pop,’ and I’m like, ‘OK, so he’s going to shoot me if I run,’ so I turned around and I shot him,”

As per the neighbor and the state police, the trooper never fired his weapon, and only one gun shut was heard.

As Daniels tried running away, Henrico police arrived and continued with the arrest at a nearby home.

As for the trooper Putnam, he is expected to fully recover.

Daniels was charged with an attempted capital murder of a police officer, using gun to commit a felony, adding that she was in Henrico County Jail with no bond. Her next court date is Dec 6th.

The Richmond police said that they also plan to charge Daniels with two Sept. 12 payday loan robberies on the Midlothian Turnpike, as per the sources, adding that in both instances the robber was said to have pulled a firearm on employees and demanded money.

Daniels also was scheduled to face nine more charges in Wake County, North Carolina — her home state — in connection with the alleged offenses on May 25th, the source reported, citing court records.

Daniels told the station that shooting the trooper was undoubtedly “the worst mistake I’ve ever made in my life. I can’t believe I did something like that, but I can’t take it back.”

She also told the station, “Just sitting in here today I’m like, ‘what have I done?’”

But she still maintained to the network that what happened to her isn’t right, she said, “It’s so unfair that, like, you can be taken away from everything in a matter of minutes. Everything. Your job, your family, your house, your kids. Everything.”