Minorities Demand Segregation At NYC College

Segregation Demonstrator
They seriously want to repeal 'Brown v Board of Education'... and no, this isn't satire. It's SICK!

A coalition of student groups at a New York City university are demanding anti-white segregation.

Students at The New School are calling for administrators to set aside a special place for minorities, so they can “exist without the pressures of white supremacy.”

In an open letter to adminsitrators, student leaders wrote:

“Student leaders at The New School from SOC Weekly, Autonomous South Asian Collective, La XENTE, Queer Collective, Black Student Union and others are uniting their voices to once again bring our demands to the administration… We will make our case public and demand that the administration designate space for people of color… as well as make good on their past promises to improve the functionality of the Social Justice Hub for organizing purposes.”

“The New School has repeatedly disappointed students of color with its broken promises and lack of investment,” the letter continued. “We feel the University has already exhausted the shallow gestures of email statements affirming commitment or the formulation of a working group committee.”

“Our request is clear and explicit: a commitment to fulfill the original mission of the Baldwin Rivera Boggs Social Justice Hub and to create a dedicated space for students of color,” they added.