Media Shies Away From Cruz Sex Scandal

Cruz Sex Scandal

Several news outlets, including the late Andrew Brietbart’s publication, took a pass on the Ted Cruz cheating scandal that was eventually published by the National Enquirer, which has had a successful history of sex scandals.

Gary Hart, John Edwards and Jessie Jackson can attest to the accuracy of the tabloid’s stories.

In taking a closer look at the printed version of the Enquirer’s tale, the story is very thinly sourced which was a cited reason why other organizations passed on the breaking news.

While CNN, Fox News and others were quick to cover “Wifegate” in the battle over Heidi Cruz and Melania Trump, the TV outlets have so far dedicated only passing minutes to write off the scandal.

Even after Ted Cruz decided to discuss the story as “garbage” and accuse Donald Trump as being behind the news, little attention was paid to what was is being dubbed #ratsex on Twitter and Instagram.

Hollywood publications have covered the story and are quick to point out the close ties between the Enquirer’s CEO, David Pecker, and Donald Trump.

They also note that the only named source in the article is former Trump operative and political bad boy, Roger Stone.

Those familiar with Stone and his tactics agree that “it has Stone written all over it.”

While the truth is up in the air, the hacking group Anonymous has pledged to release details about Cruz’s “candy wrapper” affairs.

Only Ted Cruz knows what they mean by “candy wrapper.”

Also, sources familiar with the alleged mistresses claim that one of them women previously made a claim that “Ted’s womanizing will catch up with him.”

That same woman now dismisses the Enquirer story as flat out false.