The Media Is Lying To You About Donald Trump

The media calls GOP frontrunner racist, hateful and xenophobic. After taking the lead and political establishment by storm last summer and never letting go, the powers that be are scared to death of the Donald.

The new tactic is to label Donald Trump a racist and pay millions of dollars to protestors to cause riots at Donald’s events. After they pay for the riots, all the media just show one side.

But that tactic backfired when African American Tucson police officer went to a Trump rally as a neutral observer and what he discovered is what the Trumps fans have known for a long time.

Trump isn’t the one starting violence.

Trump’s fans are not the ones that are acting inappropriately.

Trump is not limiting free speech by kicking people out of his rallies.

Trump is not the racist, hateful and xenophobic man that the media makes him out to be.

The real threat to Americans and our freedom of speech is coming from the protestors outside yelling and screaming that Trump shouldn’t be allowed to voice opinions they disagree with. Same for the protestors who stopped the Chicago rally.

The real evidence of racism and bigotry in America is not inside the Trump rallies, but outside where the protestors are saying some of the worst things people can hear.

Why does it take an off duty police officer to deliver an actual account of what is going on inside of the Trump rally? He even says that the campaign urged all Trump supporters to not commit any violence on any protestor. Trump hired security to do the job for him.

This neutral man is calling the protestors “the most hateful people I’ve ever seen”. He didn’t say this about Trump and his supporters. He said it about the protestors–the ones inciting violence and causing the commotion.

The media is guilty because they are not offering fair reporting about what’s really going on at these rallies and protests.

The fans of Trump already hate the media for their biased actions, and this will only make them more committed to the Trump campaign.

As this story gets out, more people will pull back the veil of media and see the truth. Because of people like the gentleman in this video, more people are going to learn the truth about how the media has falsely defined Donald Trump. Then Hillary may not have as much clout in November as she thought.