Mayor De Blasio Silences The Free Press, Literally

Bill De Blasio
Who exactly is the "rat" here, hmmmm????

Sunday, at the start of the annual Dominican Day Parade in Manhattan, mayor Bill de Blasio was asked a question he obviously didn’t like. A reporter from The Post asked him for a reaction on his paper’s story about the mayor’s administration and their many meetings with lobbyists.

What happened next is exactly what you’d expect from someone that does not believe in a free press.

The mayor just watched as two NYPD officers on his security detail grabbed the reporter and led him away. It didn’t matter he had the appropriate police-issued press pass, he asked a question the mayor didn’t like.

All of this happened just hours after de Blasio appeared on television declaring his support for the free press. To a national audience he said, “I believe in a free, strong media with diverse views. I’ll defend it with all I’ve got.”

Does he really believe in a free and strong media if he allows his security detail to remove reporters?

Does he or doesn’t he believe in a free press?

De Blasio can’t make up his mind. Hizzoner attacked Fox News when he went on CNN recently.

De Blasio says that Fox News has made this country divided. He went on to say that there would be no Trump if we didn’t have Fox News.

Greg Gutfeld, host of The Five did a segment attacking the mayor.

It is obvious that de Blasio only likes free press when they are asking him questions he likes. A mayor of America’s largest city bashing Fox News and the New York Post and removing reporters is exactly why there is a Fox News and New York Post.

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