Mattel Turns American Girl into Blobie


America’s Barbie got a new shape this month when toy maker Mattel decided to give into public pressure and add a few dozen pounds to the formerly perfect proportions of the icon that been held in the hands of millions of girls around the world since 1959.

Mattel, calling the new girl the “curvy Barbie” is part of a new lineup that also includes a tall and petite model.

Those who have been able to get their hands on the new plump diva have complained that it’s near impossible to change clothes due to the robust proportions.

The toy maker that rakes in a billion a year from Barbie sales wanted to create a more realistic image for the toy, which may be a result of years of shaming by feminists who say that the “perfect” image of Barbie creates image issues for young girls.

Now, rather than striving to grow up as healthy, slim and beautiful, will young girls want to grow up to look like a Kardashian?

Critics of the change have described it as political correctness run amuck.

And here she is, the new, chubby yet attractive . . . Blobie.