Massive Voter Fraud Uncovered In Chicago

Chicago Voter
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The Chicago Republican Party has made the bold claim that the number of votes cast in 2016 elections exceeds the number of city residents by the thousands.

The Chicago City Wire has reported that the Chicago GOP filed a Freedom of Information Act with the Chicago Board of Elections towards the beginning of this year, requesting a compiled list of voters that cast ballots in the 2016 presidential elections.

The Chicago Republican Party explained that the board provided them with a list that indicated 1,101,178 individuals to have casted votes, however, the number on their website lists 1,115,664 votes.

The city GOP has moved in court to protect the integrity of elections, and the city of Chicago has till September 8 to verify the accuracy of the votes which took place within the city. “There should be never be more votes than voters—every ballot cast should be recorded against a registered voter,” stated GOP Chairman Chris Cleveland. “This is either massive fraud or massive incompetence, but we have no way of telling the difference because they won’t give us the data,” he concluded.

Cleveland expressed that to date he has filed serval FOIA requests, with the original request registered in January along with “several follow up” requesting for the numbers to be updated.

“They ignored them [the FOIA requests],” Cleveland said. “They have been stonewalling us for six months.”

Spokesman for the Chicago Board of Elections, Jim Allen, has dismissed the concerns of the Chicago GOP, and claims that it’s all based off of a misunderstanding. “They’re looking at a preliminary report from January, and just recently, in the last week, they’ve filed a request for an updated report,” Allen stated. “They’re looking at incomplete data.”

Cleveland noted that he had submitted another FOIA request last week. However, Allen noted that their the initial data from January “didn’t include” a “post-election review of paper ballot applications.”

“Now that those are entered, the difference is like 30—and that’s the best accountability we’ve ever had,” Allen stated and argued, “Their claim is false and ridiculous.” He even went to explain that the city currently relies on an electronic poll book system launched in 2014, and, “We’ve had to go back and go through paper applications every election cycle since then, and the paper applications have filled in the gap every time.”

He even argued that there is no need to announce the correct number and stated, “Why would we announce? We’re only 30 off. We’ve had our best record ever.” He noted that although some Chicago voter precincts were “100 percent perfect,” however others suffered from “poll-worker errors.”

Cleveland didn’t buy this explanation and criticized the city of “lax training” and “terrible systems.”

“It’s a general incompetence they have in getting this straight, and now we have a 16,000-vote discrepancy,” Cleveland said. “At the moment they gave me the data, they thought it was correct, and that was three months after the election. It wasn’t until I pointed it out to them that they realized ‘we’ve got a problem.’” Cleveland noted that based on the figures he had received the board is off by numbers exceeding a “100-vote discrepancy” and expressed, “We need to know what the nature of this problem is,” Cleveland said. “People in the precincts just don’t follow the rules, and they add up. That will turn an election very easily.”