Massive Election Fraud Uncovered

Voter Fraud
Every time a Democrat wins, voter fraud should be the prime suspect...

The Pennsylvania Department of State has been served with a lawsuit from a voter fraud watchdog group, the Public Interest Legal Foundation. The lawsuit claims that the state refused to share records of non-citizens who were on the voter rolls. Could this have been what happened in Alabama?

The Public Interest Legal Foundation’s (PILF) President, Christian Adams gave testimony to the Pennsylvania Senate of State Government Committee on Tuesday. He said that repeated attempts by his organization to examine voter rolls were refused by the state. “Should Pennsylvania fail to disclose the full scale of failures allowing—even inviting—noncitizens of legal presence into the voter registry, it will risk maintaining similar flawed Motor Voter configurations not yet properly exposed in other jurisdictions subject to the National Voter Registration Act,” Adams had said in its testimony.

“Our voting, immigration, and entitlement programs have become increasingly interwoven in the decades following the enactment of the NVRA to a point that its authors did not adequately anticipate,” Adams added. “Incomplete study and disclosure of Pennsylvania’s now partially-admitted failings will harm eligible voters and prospective citizens alike.”

He also said that the group that he represents experienced a similar response in Philadelphia, which too had led to another lawsuit that was filed against the city. He said that his election integrity group is sure to bring forward a lawsuit against the Department of State, Pennsylvania if they would not cater their requests for sharing the records.

“This investigation could reveal the largest finding of noncitizen registered voters to date,” Logan Churchwell, a spokesman for PILF said. “The State has already admitted that it was offering voter applications to ineligible immigrants getting driver’s licenses since the 1990s. Green Card holders were encouraged to vote before the 2016 Election by the Secretary of State. That same Secretary of State mysteriously resigned after PILF and the City of Philadelphia started finding noncitizen voters.”

“If we want to get to the bottom of the ‘foreign influence’ of our elections, we should look carefully in Pennsylvania, first,” Churchwell went on to add.

PILF, so far has managed to collect similar information from different cities and states and is looking for more information pertaining to the non-citizens. This group has also helped in revealing an astonishing fact that 5500 voters in Virginia alone were taken out of the voting lists, just for the reason of them being non-citizens.

In 2015, PILF discovered that over 141 counties across the country, registered voter rolls outnumbered total population.