Massive Crackdown On Illegals Hits New Jersey

Build the wall! Deport them ALL!

On Tuesday, immigration authorities busted well over a hundred illegal immigrants – criminal aliens and illegal re-entrants, and criminals which are involved in the smuggling and distribution of drugs, and other offenses including child pornography.

The arrests were made over the course of 5 days, and was organized and led by immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO). The arrests were made in New Jersey out of which a staggering 88% were already convicted criminals, with previous felony charges.

Among the arrested convicts is an immigrant from Mexico who is sentenced for sexual assault on minors. Another one of these arrested criminal aliens is a Turkish origin criminal alien, who was found guilty of possession of Child Pornography. Similarly, a Spanish citizen who was arrested, convicted of keeping, maintaining and storing pornography that involved minors, whereas, some others were sentenced for distribution of Cocaine in the U.S.

“The continued results of our Fugitive Operations officers and their law enforcement partners underscore ICE’s ongoing and steady commitment to public safety,” said John Tsoukaris, the field office director of ERO Newark. “As part of this operation, we continue focus on the arrest of individuals who are criminal and are a threat to public safety and national security. Because of the tireless efforts of these professional officers, there are 101 fewer criminals in our communities.”

The operation that led to the arrest of these illegal immigrants took place right after the last week declaration by the ICE, which said that a number that crosses 300,000 criminal aliens are arrested in 2017 alone. Among these 300,000 were 11,000 administrative arrests, ICE had made. These included a majority of those, who were already convicted, or were awaiting the charges.

“We need to confront and address misguided policies and loopholes that only serve as a pull factor for illegal immigration. We must continue to target violent gangs like MS-13, and prevent them from rebuilding what we have begun to dismantle. Finally, we need to find a solution to the dangerous sanctuary city policies and the politicians who needlessly risk innocent lives to protect criminals who are illegally present in the United States,” said the acting ICE director, Tom Homan, only last week.

Attorney General – Jeff Session also highlighted the problem of the illegal immigrants in his address, in Baltimore, where he discussed the transnational drug mafia active in U.S. and shed light on the matter for everyone. He did so after the ICE had announced the arrests made and the success of their operation. Along Jeff Session was the new Secretary of the Homeland Security – Kristjen Nielsen.

In his address Sessions, went on and discussed the attempt to carry out another one of the terror attack in New York City on Monday. The attack was later found to be planned and carried out by an extremist from Bangladesh and used it as further evidence for everyone who thought immigrants were never a threat for U.S.

“Since 9/11, we have prosecuted more than 500 people for terrorism-related offenses, and preliminary figures suggest that nearly 75 percent of those defendants were foreign born,” Sessions noted.

“The president is exactly right to call attention to these issues and to how they affect our security. In just the last two months, we’ve seen two terrorist attacks in New York City carried out by men who were here as a result of failed immigration policies,” he said in his address.